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Monday, 20.06.2016, 10:01 Age: 2 Jahre

PFI Presentation on Waste Heat Utilisation

PFI presented its digestate management system

On 23 and 24 May the 4th International Symposium – Waste Heat Valorization in Industrial Processes was held in Kortrijk, Belgium. With reference to the CORNET project HP4Drying, the focus was on applications of heat pump assisted drying processes. In this context, Dr. Michael Müller, project manager in the biotechnological and microbiological department of PFI Biotechnology, presented the digestate management system which is implemented at PFI Energy Park (please click here for pdf download). This system is using a heat pump to link up biogas drying (heat source) and digester drying (heat sink).


More than 90 attendants from science and industry participated in the symposium, including energy consultants, system providers as well as representatives from universities and manufacturing industries.


The presented possibilities to save energy generated great interest and broad acceptance. All in all the symposium was assessed very positively.