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End-of-life possibilities of biopolymer based consumer products - Bio-EOL

01.01.2014 - 31.12.2015


The interest in biopolymers is growing fast. Biopolymer thermoplastics such as TPS, PLA, PHA … find more and more industrial applications either as such or in combination with natural fibres (composites). Such applications are amongst others investigated in previous CORNET projects such as NATUREWINS and Biobased Self Reinforced Composites. The first interest of using biopolymers is the fact that they are renewable, are less contributing to the depletion of the oil resources and limit the carbon footprint. The revalorisation of the materials at their end-of-life shoulde taken into account in order to optimise the eco-efficiency. Unlike for example polyolefins, recycling of biopolymer based end products is currently not carried out. Although many of these biopolymers can in principle be composted, this is not the most attractive end-of-life solution, since it does not offer any revalorisation of energy or materials.

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