PFI Biotechnology’s interdisciplinary team of biologists, chemists, and engineers offers consulting services in all matters relating to process biology, analysis, and plant engineering. More...


PFI Biotechnology employs biotech tools for material and energetic utilisation of renewable resources. The main focus lies on anaerobic fermentation of biomass to produce biogas. More...

Sustainable Value Creation from Biomass – PFI Biotechnology


PFI Biotechnology has been heavily involved in the material and energetic utilisation of biomass since 2003.


Several pilot-scale biogas digesters in PFI’s engineering laboratory permit simulation of biogas generation processes under close-to-real-world conditions. Moreover, digesters are also available for biotechnological transformations on a laboratory and on a pilot-plant scale.


PFI Biotechnology tests various biomass pretreatment processes (specifically: hydrothermal, enzymatic, and chemical processes), which permit material utilisation or improve energy yields. The work of our scientists and engineers is focussed primarily on the following areas:

  • Determination of the biogas potential and the digestate quality of renewable resources and of food industry and municipal wastes
  • Process-biological management of biogas plants
  • Consultation for biogas plant operators.
  • Design and construction of units for hydrothermal pretreatment (thermal pressure hydrolysis) of various kinds of biomass
  • Development and construction of pretreatment units for process-controlled enzymatic hydrolysis (PEH) of plant biomass


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Information für unsere Kunden und Geschäftspartner  gemäß Datenschutzgrundverordnung Artikel 13
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Information für unsere Kunden und Geschäftspartner gemäß Datenschutzgrundverordnung Artikel 13

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