Process-controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis (PEH)

In collaboration with agriculturist Peter Neumann, PFI has built a pretreatment unit for agricultural biomass (maize, grass, and whole-crop cereal silage) at the Würschhauserhof Farm biogas plant in the vicinity of Wallhalben.

The facility for process-controlled enzymatic hydrolysis (PEH) is designed for operation under the following conditions:

  • Treatment of 7,000 t/a of silage (30 to 35 % dry matter)
  • Treatment temperature 30 to 60 °C at pH values of 4 to 6,
  • batch operation with a residence time of two days
  • Hydraulic residence time of the biomass less than 35 days (less than 20 days after optimisation through addition of enzymes)


Scientific studies on the biogas plant are performed within the “BiogasEnzyme” research project of the German Agency for Renewable Resources (Fachagentur für Nachwachsende Rohstoffe, FNR). 

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