Optimum utilisation of the chemical potential of biomass requires its transformation into water soluble materials of value and fuels To this end we are working on the optimisation of various hydrolysis and fermentation processes for example in connection with low cost residual biomass such as straw Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis We use Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis TPH in the production of sug ar enriched hydrolysates from lignified biomass The primary focus is on the preparation of lignocellu lose for subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis Enzymatic Hydrolysis We are currently investigating new processes for the production of cellulolytic enzymes in order to optimise saccharification of cellulose Our goal is to harness novel fermentation processes keyword on site enzyme production and optimised production strains to supply especially effective enzymes much more cost effectively than has hitherto been possible Fermentative Production of Biopolymers Another of our research areas is the production of polyhydroxybutyric acid PHB and other polyhydroxyalkanoates PHA by specific bacterial strains The resulting thermoplastic biopolymers have excellent material properties and can compete in every respect with petrochemically produced plastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene CS Fermentation Other major research issues include fermentation processes with pentoses from hydrolysed hemicelluloses Production of high value sugar alcohols and of platform chemicals from xylose are the primary goals of these activities Biomass Pre digestion and Fermentation www pfi germany de 10 11

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