Nowadays however our activities extend far beyond the footwear industry to cover a wide range of materials semifinished products and finished products in the areas Footwear leather goods and textiles Orthopaedic products and medical devices Personal protective equipment Plastics and adhesives Toys and sports goods Automotive interiors Goods coming into contact with foodstuffs We have about 100 highly qualified staff members engaged in the testing of materials and products according to currently valid European and international standards even within 24 hours if you need the results fast In addition we develop a wide range of special purpose machines and test equipment including the necessary software and control engineering to your individual specifications In the field of biotechnology our experts conduct research into present day solutions and offer you sup port in the planning and operation of biogas plants PFI provides support in the optimisation of your products and processes whether in design development production logistics or in quality assurance Concentrated Expert Knowledge Decades of experience and a profound knowledge of the market and the industry are convincing arguments for clients from industry commerce government agencies and consumer organisations to seek out our services in areas that are by no means restricted to the footwear sector The only remaining question is What can we do for you www pfi germany de 2 3

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