The goal of the successful development of a self fastening shoe was to enhance the independence safety and mobility of older persons and people with limited mobility The self lacing shoe operates without any significant manipulation by the wearer The closing sequence is initiated by a proximity sensor as soon as the foot is positioned in the shoe as an option the closing process can be controlled by a smartphone or smartwatch Manual tying of the laces is unnecessary and the shoe can be put on and taken off without the help of others The laces can be programmed to loosen during prolonged sitting phases and to automatically tighten on standing up allowing the wearer to proceed sure footedly on his or her way Self lacing Shoe Project The sensor based rehabilitation shoe project involves the development of a measuring system for gait analysis which can be incorporated into a shoe and used during the ambulatory rehabilitation of a patient after an injury The measuring system acquires and saves the relevant gait parameters without itself influencing the gait pattern The gait parameters recorded during everyday activities can be evalu ated by the attending physician or physiotherapist The data permit conclusions to be drawn about the success of treatment administered so far and instructions to be given for further treatment on the basis of the therapeutic progress made by the individual patient Sensor based Rehabilitation Shoe Project www pfi germany de 8 9

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