Method and Process Development

Use of new substrates in biogas generation, testing of innovative processing approaches, or evaluation of the efficacy of additives – these and similar complex questions call for customised approaches.

You can benefit from our wealth of expertise and many years of experience in research and development. We can develop methods and analytical techniques matching your specific needs.

Numerous pilot and demonstration plants, e.g. for pretreatment and fermentation, installed in our engineering laboratory serve for testing of a wide range of biomass utilisation applications under close-to-real-world conditions.

If you have ideas for innovative approaches to processing and development, we can support and assist you in initiating research projects and applying for funding (see also Research).


The research activities of PFI Biotechnology have culminated in the development of pretreatment and fermentation processes which have been implemented on an industrial scale in pilot plants.

The technologies already implemented or firmly planned include:


The experience gained in plant development permits industrial implementation of innovative technologies at other appropriate locations and adaptation to alternative substrates.

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